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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can extraneous elements be taken out of my photo?

A: New You can zoom and custom crop your photo online for free and digital retouch is available.  call for details and prices. (877)446-2196.

Q: I received my proofs and they are very dark/very light. Are my final prints going to look like this?

A: No.  The lightness or darkness will be corrected on the final prints.

Q: I placed an order for two separate poses, yet I only received one set of photos. Where is the other set?

A: Central Valley Studios processes separate poses on separate digital cameras. As a result, your separate poses may be shipped as much as a week apart. If you do not receive your other set of photos please call (877)446-2196.

Q: If I order from two different poses do I have pay shipping and handling twice??

A: No, We ask for one shipping and handling charge per order number.

Q: Why should I order my photos with lamination?

A: Lamination reduces discoloration, adds a gloss to the semi-matte finish and protects photos from water damage.

Q: What type of folders do you offer?

A: The folders are made of top quality black linen, the inside cover is embossed with a rich gold foil inset. Folders offer a great presentation for gift photos.

Q: When I order a plaque or tassel frame, do I send the diploma, tassel or photo to have you put it together?

A: No, Your diploma is too important to risk losing it in the mail. We will send your plaque or tassel frame unassembled to your home. They are easily assembled and will display your diploma, tassel or photo beautifully.

Q: What if I do not like the photos or other products?

A: Remember, Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Simply return the product in good condition with an explanation as to why you are not satisfied. You will receive a refund.

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